“We wanted to thank you for all you did for us. We really love our home! It’s so much more than we ever expected and we haven’t run out of hot water yet! Seriously, you guys do awesome work. I’m actually going to miss working with everyone. It has been a lot of fun working with you.

Thanks for all the extras and thanks for the welcome basket, too!”

—Chris, Lori, Jessica, Alessa & Reese

“We thank you for all you have done in the last seven years to make this house our home. This project was done with a little sadness because in our minds it seems like the last one we had envisioned, and it is sad to think that our contact (and what became friendship) might be ending. You may say we could “always build another house” but you helped make this one so perfect for us that we don’t want to move!”


“You sometimes learn the most about a person when you see how they respond to challenges. With that said, I can’t thank you enough for your quick attention to the huge plumbing problem we had at our house. Your help made all the difference in getting the mess cleaned up, the needed repairs made and all of it done in a timely fashion.

Coming back to Fort Wayne after a week’s vacation to find that an upstairs leak had so thoroughly damaged much of the basement area was, to say the least, not a very nice welcome home. I’m sure you didn’t know what to expect when you came over that evening. As you noted, in may cases “it’s not as bad as it sounds, but this one was worse.”

With Marion still in Virginia Beach and my being tied up with a number of business obligations, there was no way we could have very well coordinated a proper cleanup and repair effort. You quickly took the lead, marshaled the forces necessary, cleaned up the damage and put everything back together. You finished up on Friday as promised, and when Marion returned home on Saturday, it looked as if nothing had ever happened. That was exactly the outcome I was hoping for, particularly since we had 25 people coming to the house that Sunday night for dinner.

Rod, thanks again for all the assistance you and your team provided to help us through the cleanup and restore our home to normal. You’ve earned both my gratitude and respect.”


“Thank you for the time and patience spent with the Shimeyer family. I’m confident we will be happy with their final decisions after working through the building process. Few builders will assist a client the way you have thus far. Be assured I will continue to refer business your way.”


“Thank you very much for the delicious basket. Each of us have enjoyed all the goodies.

Our new home is wonderful—I feel like I am staying in a fancy hotel. It is a great feeling. Thank you for all the hard work you put into our home. It is much appreciated.”

—Barb, Dave, Jon, Matt & Joe

“It is with some sadness that I send off the last check to cover the expenses of our home building project. It has been a pleasure working with each of you from the initial planning stages in 1993 through the completion of the basement this summer. We have a wonderful home to live in and enjoy for years to come, but the contact with all of you will be surely missed. All of the office staff have been most helpful. Each of the construction crew were pleasant on the job. The cleaning ladies saw that things were in good shape.

Both John and I will continue to recommend you to those we come across who are interested in building. We think the world of you! God bless you in the years ahead!”


“We love our home. Thanks for everything. It is so funny to draw something on paper and then have someone create it for you. You did a great job and we enjoyed working with you.”

—Dennis & Anne

“Thank you for the beautiful gift basket full of wonderful treats. That was a nice welcome into our beautiful new home! We are certainly enjoying our house, and thanks to both of you, found the process enjoyable, too.”

—Julie & Bruce

“I want to thank you for all of the work you have done for my practice, as well as for my own private home. I would like you to know that we are very grateful for the things that you do for us. Most specifically, thank you for sending Dave over and having him caulk the cabinets and spruce things up.

We are still very pleased with our office. It still looks and feels very new. We continue to get patient compliments about the overall building design and quality of its craftsmanship. We drop your name whenever we can.”


“I really appreciate your business and hope we can continue to serve your future needs. You are doing a fantastic job on our house and we really are excited onhow it’s going.

Stacey and I really value our friendship with both your families and hop this next year can be as good as the last.”


We’ve been in the house now for almost a year and we couldn’t be happier! We get so many compliments on the style, colors and quality. We have thoroughly enjoyed making it a “home”, which happneed very easily and quickly. Thank you for everything you did for us during the planning, building and finishing stages. We couldn’t have asked for better people to work with…thanks! We love the location and couldn’t be happier with the structure.”

—Dave & Barb

“A much overdue thank you or building us a great home! As many times as we have moved, this has been by far the best because we actually moved into a home and not a house. Heaven help our next builder if we ever have to move again! You have spoiled us! You have a great team of people working for you. They not only did a great job, but it was actually a pleasure to have them around.”

—Scott, Laura, Scotty & Kate